Ignacio Morata


Ignacio Morata, professional skater and yogi by vocation, was named in 2004 Skater of the year by the magazine Dogway. Ignacio, better known as Na7 (Nachete) among his friends, tells us between laughs an anecdote of a competition in which he broke the two wrists and another in which he could not participate in the championship (Xgames of Barcelona) because he did not see the invitation email that they sent to him. Despite these difficult experiences, Morata has positioned himself at the highest position in several national skate competitions.

In addition, this professional skater has never closed doors to himself and, currently, he is one of the most followed yogis at the South of Spain.

Combining skate and yoga training, Ignacio dedicates to practise sport about 3 hours a day, although he knows that in order to be at a high level the body needs to rest as well.

Ignacio, keep training hard and getting more anecdotes!